Important Special Notice

ASGA Junior  entry forms will be only available in the members only area of the ASGA website,  You may enter the Members Area through
the link on the ASGA Homepage or the link on the Junior Homepage
.  By
using your seven digit GHIN number to enter the members area you may print
the entire packet or individual entry forms.  The only time there will be a packet mailed is when a junior absolutely does not have access to the internet
an additional fee will be charged.  The Internet eliminates slow delivery or lost packets and gives everyone the same opportunity of receiving their entries in
a timely manner.  Join early and enjoy the wonderful golf that the ASGA has in store for you in 2010.


Arkansas State Golf Association
#3 Eagle Hill Court, Suite B
Little Rock, AR 72210

2010 Junior Membership Application
(Please Fill out every line possible, we must have date of birth and zip code)

Name     Male      Female  

Address City     Zip Code

E-mail      Parent E-mail 

Phone Number
    Date of Birth    Age      

Home Club or Course      Are you a previous Junior Member?  Yes         No

What is your GHIN Number? 

Father's Name      Mother's Name  

Please send me shirt(s)   White  Pink   Deep Purple   Click here for colors
$45.00 each, which includes shipping and handling. 
Men's shirt size
  (Men's S, M, L, X-L, XXL) 

Please send me
shirt(s)    Click here for colors and Styles
Women's Nike Shirt (Women's S, M, L) - size
  Color  (White) $45.00
Women's Nike Sleeveless Shirt (Women's S, M, L) - size
  Color (Aster Pink) $40.00 
Matching Novelty Engineer Hat $25.00 (Aster Pink)
Matching Dri-Fit Visor (Aster Pink) $18.00 
Women's Nike Sleeveless Body Mapping Shirt (Women's S, M, L) - size
Color (Cool Mint Green) $50.00

Please send me ASGA Tournament Calendar(s) at $10.00 each.

Fees & Merchandise            $20.00 for Membership Only...... check here.    
                                           $10.00  ASGA Tournament Calendar..... check here 



Total Amount Submitted:      

Remember you must be an ASGA Junior Member to receive the junior packet containing the entry forms for all ASGA Junior Tournaments and all junior designated tournaments.  Also a GHIN Handicap will be required in 2009 to be able to participate in some ASGA Tournaments.